Jun 112013

Paul Thomas MitchellThe second America’s Got Talent audition show aired tonight, and a White Guy With Guitar is an early favorite already this season.

Paul Thomas Mitchell was the last auditioner from New Orleans to take the stage tonight. He is 18 years old and has had a sob-story of a life. His parents were alcoholics and drug addicts. His mom left at some point, after which his dad ignored him. During this time, Paul picked up a guitar and taught himself how to play in order to help deal with his feelings about what was happening.

Thankfully, his dad has since recovered and is now a loving, supportive father.

Paul never really said why he chose to audition for America’s Got Talent, but I’m glad he did. And you should be, too.

Watch Paul Thomas Mitchell sing “My Life”

I really wasn’t expecting such a soulful, raspy voice to come out of Paul as he sang. But that is what he has. He also has a lot of emotion. All those years of using music to deal with his feelings has really allowed him to connect with the music and the audience.

There is a lot about Paul’s voice that reminds me of American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. And that’s a good thing.

I get that Paul’s sob story could be influencing me where his audition performance is concerned. If that’s the case, I will sour on him quickly when Vegas comes around. But I don’t think that will happen. If anything, he may have trouble reproducing the emotion and connection with another song. That is, unless he has written more songs that deal with the pain he has gone through in his life.

Beyond the music, Paul is a good-looking kid. And he seems very humble and down-to-earth. The talent he displays is a nice bow on top of the package. He has all the qualities that both teen girls and older moms and women like in the guys they vote for. While that combination in a guy, and those demographics, had a lock on American Idol for a while, it’s unclear if enough of them watch this show. If they do, the competition should watch out.

So could a White Guy With Guitar win America’s Got Talent? As of this moment, I think Paul Thomas Mitchell has a real shot at it. And I’ll certainly be looking forward to his Vegas performance.

What do you think of Paul’s performance? Can a White Guy With Guitar win AGT? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Angel Morini

    That song should be on iTunes.

    • http://idolradioshow.com/ Token White Guy

      I don’t know if “America’s Got Talent” has ever done that. It would probably be considered favoritism if they did it now. If and when he gets cut, however, they should have him go into the studio to record it and put it up for sale.

    • Larry

      Maybe if we go on Itunes and search his name a thousand times they will get the message, lol.

  • Larry

    I WANT TO BUY THIS. Regardless of the show’s outcome he has a real future. I love his musical style, people really relate to this. Did I mention I want to pay money for this song? I hope record companies are reading this, for his sake – seems like he well deserves a break (and my own musical sake too, lol).